Belaya Dacha. The magical world of salads

Belaya Dacha presents magical salads - participants of the Disney Food program.

10 декабря 2019
Co-project of Belaya Dacha and Yulia Vysotskaya specially for "Perekrestok" supermarkets.

 In autumn 2019, mixes of salad leaves “Belaya Dacha” with authors recipes of Julia Vysotskaya will appear on the shelves of “Perekrestok” supermarkets. These recipes were specially selected to meat, poultry or fish dishes.

03 октября 2019
"Belaya Dacha" bought a salad plant in Novosibirsk

 Investments into the project amounted to 430 million rubles  taking into account the purchase of additional equipment.

05 сентября 2019
The idea is in heart:
Our main goal is to change what and how we eat. We want to make eating process more comfortable and pleasant, and food healthier. Belaya Dacha exists exactly for these reasons. We are trying our best to ensure that salad would be an everyday meal for everyone in Russia.