Semenov Anton Viktorovich

Managing partner

Matusevich Vadim Ivanovich

General director

Burova Olga Vladimirovna

HR Director

Kushnikova Daria Alexandrovna


Shusharin Igor Alekseevich

IT Director

Kimelman Ksenia Anatolyevna

Director of Development

Dudarev Denis Viktorovich

Commercial Director

Galanidi Yanis Georgievich

General Director of the Greenhouse Complex Sun Valley

Abramchuk Alexander Arkadevich

General Director of the agricultural site AgroNero

Sokolov Sergey Yuryevich

General Director of production sites Belaya Dacha Alabuga, Belaya Dacha Novosibirsk


The salad ripened in the open ground is cut not early or late, but on time
The salad gets into an instantly cooling flash cooler right in the field
The salad is delivered in refrigerated vehicles to the Belaya Dacha plant
“Belaya Dacha” Plant: washing, cutting, packaging
Delivery of packed salads to shops
And now, fresh and washed salad is waiting for you in the store! Keep “Belaya Dacha” salad in the fridge at home.

About us

Belaya Dacha. About us

Belaya Dacha salads are made with love. By whom? Watch in our new video!

About us

Belaya Dacha tech

Belaya Dacha tech are made with love. Who are the people behind them? Watch the video to know.


Our standards in the production of salads

At the production site, the highest standards of food production are implemented due to mechanization and automation, organization of technological processes, patterns of personnel movement, flows of raw materials and finished products, compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards in accordance with strict international requirements ...


Chopped salads

A special automated line is used at the plant for the production of sliced salads and salad mixes. Before slicing, each head of lettuce is inspected manually, then the integumentary leaves, the stump and damaged areas are removed. Only then the peeled head goes through a conveyor belt to a cutting machine equipped with knives of a special configuration to obtain pieces of the optimal shape...


Baby leaves

A feature of processing delicate baby leaf leaves is the use of innovative technology for the use of delicate drying. After passing the preliminary inspection and two-stage washing, lettuce leaves are moved along the conveyor system through several sections of moisture removal, drying under special shades and cooling...


Boiled vegetables

The company uses an innovative technology for the production of boiled vegetables, which allows the product to maintain its quality characteristics for 30 days of storage. Peeled and chopped vegetables are packed in a special unique thermal film, in which they cook...

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Our factory has implemented the highest standards of food production in accordance with stringent international requirements.

The company is certified according to FSSC22000. Food Safety System Certification 22000 is a reliable, ISO-based, internationally recognized food safety management system certification scheme that is one of the most comprehensive food safety management system approaches. FSSC 22000 is a business management tool that links food security and business processes with the ability to meet growing global consumer requirements to become an approved supplier with a certified food safety system. The FSSC 22000 includes elements from such well-known standards as ISO 22000: 2005, HACCP, BRC and IFS, as well as the technical specifications ISO / TS 22002-1.

An annual audit of the quality and safety system is carried out according to the McDonald's SQMS (Supplier Quality Management System) questionnaire, according to which the company fell into the highest category “A”.