Co-project of Belaya Dacha and Yulia Vysotskaya specially for "Perekrestok" supermarkets.

Совместный проект компании Белая Дача и Юлии Высоцкой специально для супермаркетов «Перекресток»

In autumn 2019, only on the shelves of Perekrestok supermarkets mixes of salad leaves "Belaya Dacha" according to Julia's own recipes will appear Vysotskaya, specially selected for dishes of meat, poultry or fish.

Julia's recipes combined combinations, best of all complementing the taste of one of the main ingredients of the dish that will be on your table, and you just buy the finished mix and use it as a side dish or basics for a salad!

The salad mix for the bird contains chopped, thoroughly washed and gently dried leaves of juicy romano, spicy frisse, tender chard and carrots, cut into strips.

In the salad mix for fish presented chopped, thoroughly washed and gently dried leaves of crispy iceberg, walnut lollo rosso and bright curly keila.

In the salad mix for meat presents chopped, carefully washed and gently dried leaves of bright, with a little bitterness of riccio, spicy arugula and tender spinach.

You can not limit the flight of your imagination or trust recommendations and enjoy the taste of copyright combinations - on each package you You’ll find Julia’s recipe.

Belaya Dacha. The magical world of salads

Belaya Dacha presents magical salads - participants of the Disney Food program.

10 декабря 2019
"Belaya Dacha" bought a salad plant in Novosibirsk

 Investments into the project amounted to 430 million rubles  taking into account the purchase of additional equipment.

05 сентября 2019
A co-project with the heroes of the Marvel Universe for the opening night of the movie "Avengers: Endgame"

Belaya Dacha presents a co-project with the heroes Marvel Universe for the “Avengers: Endgame”

01 апреля 2019