Anniversary mix Belaya Dacha
Simple satisfaction

We want to share with you our love of original tastes of salads and vegetables in their pure form in salad “Simple satisfaction” set by Belaya Dacha

For super-food fans
Best of all with olive oil and herbs de Provence
Easy with sun oil and seeds
Easy with oil and walnuts
Ideal with olive oil and lemon juice
Ideal with garlic oil
The easiest way with yogurt and lemon juice
Ideal for Caesar salad
Great with olive oil and orange juice
Tastes of the world

Unusual and vivid emotions exist in every corner of the planet which we want to share with the whole world. Therefore, our farmers from different countries gathered the best salads in their regions. And if you want to go off on a culinary journey, you just need to choose salad from the  “Tastes of the world” set by Belaya Dacha.

Bright ideas

Cooked with love food can create the mood. When you want something delicate, light, lush and flavorful, all you need is to choose suitable taste and colour of salad in “Belaya Dacha. Bright tastes” set.

Fitness salads

“Together with experts of World class Belaya Dacha offers Fitness-salad series. A bowl of Belaya Dacha salad from Fitness set instead of habitual trimming in main course for lunch, then salad mix with chicken breast , a piece of fish or Mozzarella cheese seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice and balsamic for dinner – you solve the problem with balanced and proper nutrition in support of our fitness-program.” 

Kind salads

“The mission of the” Life Line” Charity Fund is to save seriously ill children. The Fund renders help to children under 18 years of age whose lives are at risk due to dangerous diseases. Over the 13 years of operation, the Fund has helped to return more than 9,490 seriously ill children to a healthy full life. 100% of the receipts goes to the treatment of children throughout Russia. Belaya Dacha is pleased to be able to support the fund in a cooperative charity project - our Kind Salads are from the bottom of our hearts. Now, one more thing will be added to the hale of Mesklan and Spring Mix salads: part of the receipts from the sale of these mixes will be alloted for the treatment of seriously ill children. ”

Boiled vegetables

Belaya Dacha does everything for the taste and your convenience. We carefully select the most delicious vegetables, peel and wash them in spring water, cut and boil using a unique eco-friendly technology that retains hale of fresh vegetables so that you can easily enjoy the taste and benefits of your favorite dishes.

Kale salad obsession

Mixes with kale for everyone!