Салат с утиной грудкой, малиной и ореховыми кнелями

Salad with duck breast, raspberries and walnuts

Duck breast and nuts make this light salad hearty and nutritious!

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(fresh) 60 g
1/5 tsp
Olive oil
3 tblsp
8 leaves and 4-5 leaves for dressing
Утиная грудка сырокопченая
80 g
Творожный сыр
100 g
Ореховое ассорти
80 g
Малиновый сироп
3 tblsp
Nuts dry in a pan until golden brown, chop finely (or punch in blender), mix with curd cheese.
Put the salad mix Poster "Food" in the center of the plate, pour ½ refills. Put duck fillet on the edges of the plate. Closer to the center we put the curd balls with nuts (we form using two spoons), raspberries are nearby. Water the rest of the dressing and decorate with mint leaves.

Dressing: Blend raspberry syrup with olive whisk oil, salt and finely chopped mint.