Сэндвичи с салатной смесью Tango Mix и лососем

Tango Mix Salmon Sandwiches

We are more used to simple sandwiches than to their more sophisticated counterparts - sandwiches. However, sandwiches are good, among other things, also because they are loved by children. So, such a salmon sandwich will be a great opportunity to feed a naughty child with something useful and tasty at the same time.

For this dish, you should choose quality bread. It is not necessary to take toast, you can buy both multi-grain and rye. Fish can also be replaced with salted or cold smoked. The main thing, do not forget about the Tango Mix salad mix - it will invigorate and energize you for the whole day. Especially if you make these sandwiches for breakfast.

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1 pack
Хлеб для сэндвичей
8 pieces
Fry the sandwich bread in the toaster. Carefully drain the sauce from salmon and soak 4 slices of bread with it.
Arrange salad mixture and salmon slices into these pieces. Cover with the remaining bread, gently squeeze. Cut each sandwich diagonally into 2 parts.