Belaya Dacha Bunnies

Our Bunnies are cute helpers who inspire to culinary experiments and tell you about secrets of our salads. The history of origin of the bunnies is shrouded with legend and mystery. Jaws are wagging that once the first head of Iceberg salad has grown in the fields of Belaya Dacha, they started appearing in the dreams of our best employees. Others say that first Bunnies appeared at the factory to help us dealing with especially large orders on the eve of the New Year. What we do know for sure is that our work has become merrier when they are nearby. Bunnies help us to carry through on our tough weekdays, and they are with us on our relaxed weekends. They tell the whole World the story of Belaya Dacha and our salads. We invite you to the fascinating World of our Bunnies! The World which is full of adventure and love!

The adventures of our bunnies
Sometimes our bunnies have got some spare time